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The Value Of Investing In An Event Planner For Your Nonprofit Fundraiser

The survival of a non-profit lies in having multiple streams of income that can contribute to the operations of the group and fuel the different programs that they run. Many nonprofits develop a yearly plan, clearly identifying what those multiple streams of income are, including fundraising events. If you have been established for a time, your fundraising events are set in a yearly cycle, are well known to your community, and are scheduled in such a way that you aren’t competing for calendar space. Many large non-profits have an inhouse event coordinator that ensures that the events are scheduled when they won’t compete with other nonprofits, that they run smoothly, and that they are above all, a success. But what do you do when you are a small non-profit with limited budget and tight personnel who’s already working on other stuff? You partner with an event planning company!

I get it, this idea sounds expensive. But I promise you, investing in the right company will give you a high return on investments. Here is why:

1. Hiring an event planning company means your staff can concentrate on their actual job instead of having to take on tasks that they don’t usually have to do. This allows your workers to also enjoy said events when they take place instead of having to work them.

2. Many event planning companies have pricing for nonprofits, payment plans, and are willing to also barter services. Some donate their services as in-kind donations, and are willing to give part of their services as part of a sponsorship package for the events, so in the end the cost to you is less.

3. Event planning companies come with a very nice list of preferred vendors who will also be willing to work your events for a special price or sponsorship opportunity.

4. Event planners are used to working within a set budget and will respect that budget. They will be honest about what will work and what won’t, what is worth a certain price and what is not. They will tell you honestly what can be done with the budget set.

5. Best reason of all, peace of mind! Knowing you have professionals developing your event, making sure that it’s on brand, and handling all the details that come with event planning means you are free to just enjoy the event yourself.

There is value in partnering with an event planning company that has experience with nonprofit events. And developing a long-term relationship will guarantee that your events are cohesive and on brand in the years to come. Trying to figure out how to create an event for your nonprofit, feel free to talk to us! We would love to help!

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