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Ballet Core – The Trend Emerging In Weddings

Wedding fashion trends are always influenced by what is seen on runways, award show seasons, and what the fashion icons of the times are wearing. And one we have noticed that has been leaping into the wedding arena is ballet core. As the name implies, this fashion trend takes its inspiration from the world of ballet, in all its tutu and pale pink glory. And the dress is only the beginning!


Think vintage Dior meets muted pastels. A wedding dress with tulle and chiffon detailing. Soft romantic vibes. Rosette detailing. Collarbone exposed. Feather detailing, inspired by Swan Lake. Formfitting bodice with corset-style lace-up backs. Ballet flat for reception, dainty heels with satin ribbons wrapping along the ankles for the ceremony. Hair in a slick ballet bun with a tiara. Ballet pink dresses for your bridesmaids would tie in the theme. For men, a black suit with a black t-shirt.


A naturally flushed look is the way to go if you want your makeup to be ballet core-inspired. Think skin tint instead of heavy foundation. You want that lightweight feel. For cheeks, think blush in peach, soft pinks, and the texture should be creamy blushes. The key to ballet core makeup is to apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks AND across the bridge of your nose. Using a highlighter, apply it to the high points of your face, use it as your eyeshadow, and apply soft lipstick in the peach or pink family, almost flesh toned.


For wedding décor, the same rules apply. Chiffon chair sashes that cascade in blush and peach and soft pink hues. Roses and peonies for your centerpieces, baby’s breath, and candles, lots, and lots of candles. You need a dance floor, and a wooden one would be right on target. Champagne toast is a must, served in the coupe glass. Pass hor’ devours and light aperitifs, and instead of a heavy dessert table, think of a selection of airy macaroons or even a range of chocolate truffles. Keep everything light and airy.


Ballet Core is here to stay and we are all for it!

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