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Finding Your Photographer

You got proposed, you said yes, you hired a wedding planner and have a venue which means you have a wedding date. What’s next? In the list of wedding vendors you’ll be needing on wedding day, your wedding photographer should be one of the vendors you square away. Why? Professional, good quality wedding photographers are in high demand and tend to be booked fast. What are some things you want to consider before hiring a professional wedding photographer? Glad you asked!

Number 1, make sure you know what style of photography you want. Do you want traditional poses or candid? Are editorial pictures more to your vibe? Lately the dark and moody photographs have stuck around, is that more to your liking? Or do you prefer bright? Overwhelmed already? Not to worry, here is a quick and easy breakdown. Traditional are what you’d find in your parents or grandparents wedding album with the typical family and group poses, your first kiss, etc. Candid photos are more action shots, people dancing, talking, your bouquet toss. Editorial pictures are those were the poses look more like they should belong in a magazine; it has a high-end feel. Dark and moody photos play with shadows and the editing is, you guessed it, dark and moody. Bright style is the opposite of your dark and moody, its playing with the light.

Number 2, yes Instagram and Tik Tok are a good starting point, but nothing compares to going straight to their websites, looking at their galleries, checking out their reviews on The Knot or Wedding Wire.

Number 3, ask questions! Ask all the questions! How many hours does your contract allocate for photos? What is the turnaround time? What type of editing do you do? What is included in your package? Do I get prints, or do you recommend a printing service? Do you have specialty packages that include engagement pictures as well? What is the price?

Number 4, communicate. Let your photographer know upfront what you are envisioning for the day. Do you have a special exit, let them know. What photos with what family/friends are of utmost importance to you? Make sure you keep your wedding planner and photographer in the loop since the planner will be the one building the timeline of the day. If you are taking pictures outside and are wanting to capture the sunset, both your planner and photographer need to know that and coordinate appropriately.

Lastly, for number 5, make sure you click with your photographer. This person will be with you for an average of 8 hours capturing one of the most important days of your life. You want to feel comfortable with this person, that you trust this person. The last thing you want is to feel awkward with your photographer, trust us, your photos won’t be the same.

And when in doubt, consult your wedding planner!

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