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Addressing Sticky Wedding Questions

Dear bride, in the coming months you will get bombarded with many questions that you might not know how to properly respond to. You might not want to offend anyone, or you might just not know how to address certain things. We completely understand and figured we’d give you a helping hand and some options you can use!


1. How do we let guests know there are no kids allowed?

We get this question a lot! We know that some of you would love to have a kid-free wedding but don’t want to offend family members. So, how to tell people:

·  “Please join us for an adult-only celebration.”

·  “Due to venue restrictions, we are unable to accommodate children. Thank you for understanding.”

·  “Kid-free night, because you also deserve to celebrate with us!”

·  “We will be having an adult-only celebration, so we have partnered with a babysitting agency. Please see the information below.”

We definitely recommend partnering with a local babysitting agency. Many of them offer group rates and it can provide out of town parents with peace of mind.


2. Who and how do we tip?

For a more detailed explanation on who and how to tip, check out our blog, “To Tip or Not To Tip, That Is The Question?!” ( Rule of thumb? Tip 10%-20% based on what the payment was and keep in mind that tipping is not expected but is appreciated. To make it easier on yourself, have envelopes prepared ahead of time with the tip and have your wedding coordinator hand it to the vendors.


3. Should we do the garter removal and placement?

What began as a good luck tradition of holding on to a piece of clothing from the bride back in the medieval times is now a personal choice. Some brides are opting for different traditions, like the shoe game, holding onto the garter as an heirloom, or bypassing it completely. The choice is always yours.


4. How to tell someone they will not be giving a speech at our wedding?

We know that on the day of your wedding, the last thing you want is long winded speeches with details of embarrassing family stories. Want to limit speeches, be very clear about WHO is allowed to give speeches with you MC. It is the MC’s responsibility to guard that microphone and only hand it over to whoever you designate to give speeches. A kind way of turning people down is to have the MC announce that “We understand that many people would love to share words with the couple, we invite you to share those in the guest book.”


5. How to tell someone they are not invited to the reception?

This is always awkward and sometimes, you don’t even set the expectation that that person is invited, sometimes your parents or extended family is to blame. But responding to this is very similar to the “no kids allowed” question. “We are going for a very intimate wedding and keeping the guest count limited, we hope you understand.”


Have other questions you’d like for us to help? Please feel free to email us at!

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