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How To Get Ready For Your First Bridal Expo

Whenever I think of a bride and her entourage getting ready for a bridal expo, the image of Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe from Friends getting ready to go into Kleinman’s. When the doors are about to open, the mad rush to get in and take it all in. You know the one, Season 7, Episode 17, when they all hand out whistles to make sure they can find each other inside the store? A bridal expo can feel like a marathon. Good thing is we are here to help.

The first thing to do is to make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes. There will be a line outside the door, you’ll be waiting around for a bit, and then when the doors open, there will be a lot of walking. So, you want to make sure your feet can take it. The second thing to do is hydrate. Why may you ask? Well, at some of the expo you will get to taste test cakes, desserts, appetizers, and sometimes even alcoholic drinks. Endurance is the name of the game. Thirdly, make sure your cell phone is charged and your calendar app is updated. Many vendors give discounts and incentives if you schedule appointments with them at the bridal expos.

Do your due diligence! The website for the bridal expos provides a list of vendors. Sometimes they are nice and place them in categories so that you can go straight to whatever category you need. Check out their websites, social media pages, and most importantly, their reviews. That way you can decide beforehand if you want to stop by their booth or not.

Most bridal expos have a fashion show where the latest fashion trends in the wedding world will be showcased. Make sure to listen out for when the announcer (there is always an announcer, lol) first starts letting people know that the fashion show will begin shortly. You want to snag a chair upfront! Feel free to snap pictures or videos of the wedding dresses, tuxes, flower girl dresses and more. Feel free to track down the wedding dress retailer and ask them about the dresses that jumped out at you. If you need a little help with what to ask, check out

Also, make sure that on the day of the bridal expo you don’t bring a lot of stuff to carry. You’ll need your arms for all the things you’ll be taking with you. Vendors at the expos normally give away goodie bags, samples, flyers, and more. One year we witnessed a mom of the bride come with two empty huge blue Ikea bags and when she left, both bags were packed!

Bridal expos should be seen as educational adventures for you and your entourage. You are there to gather info of potential vendors, enjoy the process, and view it as one giant one stop bridal shop. So grab your entourage, hand out the whistles, and remember to have fun!

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