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Christmas Weddings: Yay or Nay?

Every year around the world, the Christmas Spirit inspires visions of Winter Wonderland, twinkly lights, beautiful hues of reds and evergreens, and like the magic of the holidays, brides around the world put on the Santa hat and plan their Christmas inspired weddings. The date for their magical wedding day: Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, feeling that the holidays and family gatherings would add a special touch to their day. Allow us to provide you the Grinch side and the Cindy Lou side to a Christmas Theme Wedding!

First, the Grinch side! As planners and coordinators, we hear it all the time during the actual wedding day, “Why did they pick a holiday for their wedding day? This throws our holiday plans out the window. Who picks Christmas Day for their wedding day?”. Planning a wedding during a mayor holiday can cause very grinch-like moods for guests as they battle the craziness of holiday travel, finding hotels and flights, the cost of travel increases during the season, and more.

Another con of a Christmas Wedding is expecting the pricing for venue and vendors to be double or more. The reality is that same way you want to spend time with your family, employees also want to spend the holiday with their families, so companies will offer them time and a half or bonuses to work that day, which directly affects the pricing on the services. If that year your day falls on a Friday or Saturday, keep in mind that also affects the price.

The last grinchy nay of a Christmas Wedding is the stereotypes that comes with doing theme weddings. Focusing on small details can make it tasteful, but it can easily become a bit Whoville and crafty.

The pros of a Christmas Wedding are that if your family doesn’t have to travel, it does make for a magical family gathering. It allows for beautiful memories with family with beautiful photographs of a Christmas you will all remember. It’s perfect for mini-moons who want small, intimate family weddings, and make it a weekend.

As mentioned before, Christmas décor can easily become overpowering if not done tastefully. However, a romantic vibe with floating candles and holly table runners, simple green Christmas trees with white lights, all can give a beautiful backdrop for your wedding.

One of our favorite parts of Christmas is the food! And what better way to celebrate your wedding day than giving your family an upscale version of classic family Christmas dishes. Your signature drink can be coquito or mule wine, you can have a hot chocolate station with candy canes, marshmallows, and more.

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