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2024 Wedding Trends

With the arrival of a new year, we see an influx of wedding trends. Some are transformations from last year, others come and make an entrance of star-like quality. Weddings take their cues from the runways, music festivals, the color of the year, Award Season, and more. What will we be seeing this 2024?


Everyone loves a good party. But what do you do if you want an intimate ceremony but a huge reception? You split the days! This year many couples are opting for small intimate weddings one day, and then a huge party the next day. Working closely with videographers, couples are replaying their ceremonies on TV screens during their receptions the next day. While their ceremonies tend to be short affairs with family only followed by an intimate dinner at their favorite restaurants, the reception the following day is an affair to remember. No sit-down dinners, instead, grazing tables, street food bars, bite-size minis, in effect, food that you can munch while dancing.


Florals will be getting bigger and bigger. The use of them for architectural décor, very a la Gatsby will be seen both in the ceremony and reception. The use of roses is back, in tonal palettes, in every size, giving a romantic and dramatic effect to the day.


Documentary photography is still in! Many couples are looking for that feel of “record the day”. Candid photos, catching those special moments, less posed subjects, more natural feel of the elements are here to stay. On the flip side, digital guestbooks give us a touch of modernity, with guests recording audio messages, video messages, and more for posterity.


Champagne towers have come to replace champagne walls. Think Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette vibes. Instead of using champagne flutes, substitute for champagne coupes. A coupe makes the bubbles disperse faster, making the champagne taste sweeter.


Speaking of sweets, dessert bites, textured cakes, comfort flavors, and small cakes are grazing wedding tables. Instead of being placed at the guest tables, they are set in a separate with both to-go boxes or plates so that your guests can decide if they will indulge themselves there or later.


Remember, trends are not for everyone. Pick and choose what makes sense for you, and what you like, and have the wedding of your dreams!



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