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Weddings and Technology, What’s in our future?

Once upon a time, a guy would ask a girl a very important question. Her response being yes, her family and his family were informed, a photographer was hired, and an announcement in the Sunday newspaper would show up a few weeks later letting everyone know of the impending nuptials. Thanks to the advancements of technology, with just a few clicks into your favorite social media app, family and friends can celebrate with you within minutes of your engagement. Technology has revolutionized weddings making them more accessible and even more fun!

When it comes to visualizing your wedding day, nothing compares to Pinterest. Every bride we have ever worked with has had a Pinterest board that they have begun with inspirations for wedding day, dress, food, décor, everything! Where our mothers and grandmothers had magazine clippings, Pinterest has brought inspiration boards to the tip of our fingers. No longer do brides have to carry binders filled with magazine clippings, Pinterest has made it easy for brides today to add or remove things from their inspiration boards, share them with their vendors, and more.

In the past, a bride (many times with the help of their mom) would have to call their bridal party and guests to update them with any changes or just to get further information. Now, with wedding websites being easy to build thanks to Wedding Wire or Zola, brides and grooms can keep their family and friends updated on hotel information, wedding locations, schedule of the day, and even receive RSVPs through the website. This makes things more accurate and faster and provides the couple with peace of mind. It also cuts back on the repeated questions like, “what would you like for a gift?” since these websites allow you to post wedding registries and more.

The advances in technology for weddings are more recognizable when it comes to photography and videography. With the introduction of drones, the views of the wedding are expanded. Photobooths provide not only memorable pictures but entertainment. And editing programs now allow the brides and grooms to have their photos at a quicker turnaround. And now with the use of AI technology, AI cameras can capture the range of emotions by analyzing facial features and provide more candid pictures.

AI is even being used to write vows, wedding speeches, invitations, and thank you cards. The algorithms consider all the variables and provide the couples with detailed and personal prose. Taking the work out of the equation and leaving the couples to just enjoy the day. You can even create thank you videos to send to your guests.

As technology keeps evolving, the impact in weddings will continue, providing clients with the latest innovations but at its core, it remains the same, memories being created.

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