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Wedding Coordinator: Why Should I Hire One?

The day of your wedding will go by in a flash. Doesn’t matter how big of a wedding party you have, how many guests, or how elaborate or simple, on that day there will be a rip in the time continuum and the day will go by so quickly that by the time you and your love are finally alone in the car driving away from the venue, you will be trying to remember if you even sat down to eat. You want to ENJOY your big day. So why would you also work it?

The job of a wedding coordinator is to make sure that on the day of the wedding, everyone knows where they are supposed to be, everyone knows what they are supposed to do, and make sure that everything runs smoothly. A wedding coordinator not only assists you on your wedding day, but they are also the point of contact between the vendors and the venue on the day off. They help you with keeping to the schedule of the day, they deal with the logistics, they make sure your best man is ready for his speech, they keep your mom from being too nervous, and they provide you with the sense of calm you need on your big day.

The job of coordinating a wedding is not an easy one. That is why there are professionals dedicated to this. Understandably, whoever is assigned to being your day coordinator must be someone you fully trust. After all, you have been planning this day for quite some time. This is why we fully understand the desire to designate a friend or family friend for this monumental task. Here are our thoughts on that.

Unless said friend has experience dealing with vendors and events, we highly suggest hiring a professional for the job. A wedding coordinator must understand all the vendor contracts, be on top of the deliveries on the day of the wedding, and be there at the venue to make sure the vision of your day is being carried out by your vendors. They also must run the rehearsal and make sure everyone in your wedding party knows when to walk, where to stand when to walk out, etc. If your designated friend happens to be part of the wedding party, they won’t have time to get their hair and makeup done, be part of the pictures, and take care of all the logistics on the morning off.

And if you are one of those brides who think, “Oh, I can do it!”, let me just add that you also won’t have time to get ready and organize stuff at your venue. You won’t have time to get on the phone and remind the pastry chef that the cake was supposed to be delivered closer to 4, not at 2, and get your hair done while making sure that your bridesmaids are also there getting their hair and makeup done. You won’t have time to run to the groom’s suite and make sure that the best man has the rings with him or try to find transportation to the venue when the limo that was promised is at the wrong location and too far to come to you.

Hiring a professional wedding day coordinator, someone with experience who understands your wedding vision and who has a good relationship with the venue, vendors, and your wedding party provides a level of relief that will allow you to sit back and enjoy your day. Take a load off and hire that wedding coordinator.

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