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Stay on top of the Wedding Fashion Trends for 2023!

Wedding fashion takes inspiration from many areas, not only from what is coming down the runways in the haute couture lines, but what is trending in social media, what celebrity weddings are showing, and what the brides are showing interest in when trying on wedding gowns at boutiques. So what is coming down the fashion pipeline for 2023? Here is a sneak peek!


Feathers! Feather detailing in wedding gowns is back with the art deco inspirations.  Think soft plumes in soft pink hues to add a whimsical detailing to your gown. Another way to incorporate this trend is with your second dress. We will be seeing mini dresses with feather detailing in the skirts, perfect for a night of dancing.


Sarah Hyland’s Vera Wang’s dress with the tule sleeves brought sleeves back into play for 2023 and what a statement. Vera Wang said, "Sarah chose a soft white Italian crepe gown with a draped neckline, hand placed macramé lace and draped Italian tulle sleeves." Sleeves bring an elegance to modern silhouettes, providing a hint of delicate detailing. Making them removable is the brilliant icing on the cake, allowing brides to technically have two dress looks.


A comeback in bridal fashion this season is the use of color in the wedding gowns. Brides are being bolder, going for shades and prints and colorful embroideries in their gowns instead of the traditional white or ivory, and even stepping away from black wedding gowns and exploring other colorful options. A prevalent color: shades of blue, making your wedding gown your “something blue”


Another comeback is the plunging, daring neckline in wedding gowns. Brides are opting for options that enhance the décolletage, that are cheekier, sexier, and modern. For the bride who wants the illusion, a mesh skin tone material gives the same illusion without feeling exposed.


And finally, a Y2K trend is making its comeback again into bridal fashion, the hi-lo hemlines. This trend had been seen in the past with brides who were having outdoor weddings, facilitating walking on the sand at the beach, or showcasing cowboy boots. Now, the new hi-lo wedding gowns allow you to detach the longer portion, giving you a mini dress for reception to party the night off!


One thing to remember about fashion trends, both in weddings and in life, they should serve as inspiration. Take the ones you feel are you, make them your own!

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