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Marriage license: What to do Tampa Bay edition

Getting a marriage license depending on the county that you live in Tampa Bay can seem complicated when trying to navigate the government websites. Many couples aren’t aware of deadlines, waiting periods, or some of the requirements that the government has for acquiring a marriage license so we figured we would break it down for you by county!


If you are in Hillsborough County, the website you want to visit is: Make an appointment on the website, keeping in mind that you need 3 full days from the day you acquire your marriage license to the day you can have your ceremony. So, if your ceremony is Friday, make your appointment for Tuesday at the latest. Both of you must be present for the appointment, with valid government IDs. You must also provide your social security number or alien number. If you want to avoid the 3 days, “present a certificate of completion of a premarital preparation course from a qualified registered course provider or a signed statement attesting they have taken a premarital preparation course from a qualified registered course provider and reading the Marriage Handbook”. The Marriage handbook can be found on the website.


If you are in Pasco County, the website is: Pasco is a bit different. You still make the appointment on the website, you both must go in person, and provide the government IDs and social security/alien numbers. For Pasco, you MUST complete the Premarital Course and provide the document found on the website.


For Pinellas County, the website is: Same as Hillsborough County, you will need the same IDs, social security/alien numbers, and 3 day waiting period.


If you are not from Florida, but are getting married here, do you have to wait three days? No. Non-Florida residents will receive a marriage license effective the day of application. What is the window to get married? You have 60 days from the effective day. Who can marry you in the state of Florida? A notary, ordained ministers and ordained clergy, clerks of the circuit court, and lastly the captain of a ship who is a notary and is within 3 geographical miles of the Florida coast.

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