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What DJs Would Like For You To Know

Couples today want to offer their guests an experience they will always remember. They want their guests to be entertained, from the moment they walk into cocktail hour until they leave. The pressure to make sure that the crowd gets the experience you expect lies on one person, the dj. The ringmaster of your wedding extravaganza performs the duties of guiding your guests through the evening, announcing what's next, entertaining the crowd, and so much more. How do you know you have the right one? Here is what a few of our DJ friends had to say.

DJ LMO (*) explained that, “We are responsible for the entire flow of the day. We are responsible for providing the energy to keep people excited and celebrating. We are responsible for working with EVERY vendor to ensure EVERYONE knows where we are and what is going on. We are responsible for reading the room to ensure the music focus is on point.” DJ Xplicid (**) equated it to being the “professional gatekeeper”, directing your family and guests throughout the night..

When asked what are three things that clients should be asking the djs they plan to hire, their responses come from years of experience in the business. BoriBoy Productions (***) said, “Are you providing a DJ and an MC or is one person doing BOTH? What type of sound system do you have? What do you do for long events as far as personnel? Do you have two DJs for long events so the energy is HIGH through the entire event?”. DJ Xplicid brought up questions we believe should be asked of all your vendors, “1. What's the coolest event you were stoked about in your DJ career so far. 2. What happens if you can't show up at my wedding, what steps do you take? 3. Do you have liability insurance?”

The talented ringmasters of your event make sure that they are keeping up with not just your taste in music, but the musical trends. Yes, Frank Sinatra is still cool (“especially during dinner” according to DJ Xplicid - and we agree!) Tik Tok influences are bringing back the old but goodies (allows djs to cater to young and old generations - DJ LMO), and top 40 is still an influence, according to BoriBoy Productions.

That being said, our djs have a list of what NOT to do when they are performing the work they were hired to do. The biggest no-no is don’t approach the dj booth with drinks in your hand, liquids and electronic equipment don’t mix. Also, the equipment belongs to the djs, not your guests, so please don’t mic drop. Lastly, as with all vendors who work hard to provide you with your dream wedding, rude/drunk guests aren't welcome.

The final piece of advice we want to leave you with came from DJ Xplicid. “Please do your research on the people you give deposits to. Vet them, if your planner is doing it, you should be good because they've used those vendors over and over, but stay involved.

Make sure you know the full deal with your venue. Most are pretty decent, but some don't disclose that they have sound restrictions, or if the DJ has to use their house system, or stay under a certain decibel (measurement of loudness/sound) range. This can destroy your evening and put a massive strain on your entertainment/DJ. Even worse - you or your DJ could get fined or arrested.

Lastly, make sure your DJ is right for you. That person should give you the full run down and prompt you to ask them more questions and vice versa. They should be trying to understand how your day is going to go, who is supplying sound for the ceremony/cocktail, will there be intro's/first dances, when/where will they be? How early can I show up to set up? What kind of music do you and your guests listen to, etc.”

A very special thank you to DJ LMO, DJ Xplicid, and BoriBoy Productions for answering our questions! If you want to chat more with any of them, please see their contact information below!

* DJ L Mo and Company (LaMonte Monnell) * 260-755-8694 *

** DJ Xplicid (Randy Johnson) * IG: @djxplicid *

***BoriBoy Productions * 407.920.5352 *

Written and Copywrite by Elegant Evening Events LLC. 2022

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