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How to incorporate the color of the year into your wedding?

Every year, Patone, one of the leaders in color expertise, selects the color that they feel will be the color of the year. For 2023, their choice was a vibrant shade called Viva Magenta. According to Patone, “It is a shade rooted in nature descending from the red family and expressive of a new signal of strength.” ( Why is it of interest to know that Viva Magenta 18-1750 is the color of the year? Because you will see it throughout the year in wedding trends.

Every year the color of the year has been incorporated in all different aspects of weddings, as the trends for the new year are brought forward. The most common way to incorporate the color can be seen in the fashion statements, either as bridesmaids or guests. This rich tone of magenta invokes earthy vibes and can easily compliment numerous skin tones. It is a gorgeous pop of color that will work with various textile materials. You will also note it in the groomsmen attire as a beautiful pop of color in the tie, pocket squares, and even the button-down shirt. Want to do something fun as the bride? Wear shoes in Viva Magenta! That little pop of color as you walk down the aisle would be fun and on trend!

Another way to incorporate this color and bring your wedding forward into 2023 is in your flowers. Feel free to take a swatch of the Viva Magenta to your local florist. They will be able to recommend flowers that either naturally come in that shade or close like bougainvillea or be able to dye the flowers. This color in a boutonniere against a black tux or suit will pop!

For the bold bride who isn’t afraid of color, using Viva Magenta in the linens can be a beautiful statement. The richness of the color will stand out, especially when mixed with lush greens and gold details, giving a very earthy and tropical feel. Don’t feel so bold? Using it as an accent color with the napkins and table runner will give it a gorgeous touch.

Our favorite way is also the sweetest way! Take a swatch to your pastry chef and have them incorporate Viva Magenta in your wedding cake. From sugary flower details to a bold ribbon around the cake layers, this color will make your cake a focal point. Having a dessert bar? Have them add the color as frosting or sprinkles!

And finally, the last way you can add the color of the year to your wedding is in the literature. Incorporate the Viva Magenta in your invitations, save the dates, RSVP cards, Menus, seating charts, and more. We guarantee this gorgeous color will make a vibrant, fun, and warm color to have at your wedding. We are here for that Viva Magenta!

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