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Faux or Natural: Picking Flowers!

When you think of wedding décor, one of the first things that pop into your brain is flowers. You carry them as you walk down the aisle, petals lead the path to your union, crowns of them are found in your centerpieces, they climb up the arches and hang from chandeliers. Let’s face it, flowers are a staple in the wedding industry. The big question is, do we go faux or real?

Faux flowers aren’t what they used to be during our grandmothers’ time. They look more realistic than a few years back, come in a wide range of styles and colors that allow you for a more cohesive look. You don’t run the risk of the flowers wilting during the ceremony, and if you are renting them, you don’t have to worry at the end of your event for disposal. The other advantage of faux flowers is that there is no such thing as out of season! Whatever the flower, you can get it all year round.

Cons for faux flowers, they really aren’t that cost effective. You end up paying for labor and rental almost as much as what you would pay for real flowers. Some locations won’t allow fake petals for the flower girls. And if you love the smell of flowers, well, you won’t be getting that with faux flowers.

Real flowers have been used in weddings since Roman times, their main purpose, to mask the body smell and to please the Gods. Today, real flowers give weddings an elegant touch, serving as the pièce de résistance in your decor. The light scent that emanates off them adds to the ambiance, which is something you won’t get with faux flowers. Visually, real is real and real flowers make a gorgeous addition to the day.

Cons for real flowers, they are more expensive if they aren’t in season. If you don’t keep them properly hydrated, wilting will ensue. Some guests may be allergic to certain flowers and their scents. And some species of flowers can be pricier regardless of the season.

So which one should you go with? Honestly, that all depends on you and you alone. Take pricing into account, make sure you sit down with a florist who can give you honest feedback, ask for options to consider, and when in doubt, consult your trusty wedding planners!

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