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Event Planner vs Event Designer: What’s the difference?

We see it all the time, somebody posts in social media “I’m in need of a wedding planner! Looking for an event planner for my daughter’s quince! Have a huge party I want to throw, in need of a party planner.” So as planners, we reach out only to realize that what they really need is an event designer. What's the difference you ask? Let me break it down for you.

An event planner’s main focus is the logistics of your day. They are the ones who help you find your vendors, find your venue, help negotiate contracts, create a timeline of what you need to do and when in order to stay organized, they develop the timeline for the day of the event, advice you in order for you to stay within budget, and even serve as mediators. It’s the job of the event planner to keep you updated on when you need to have hired what vendor, when to send out invitations, save the dates, when to start scheduling your food tastings, and when to hire an event designer.

What's an event designer you ask? An event designer focuses on the visual and creative aspect of your event. Mainly, what is it all going to look like. They will be the ones to help you in the selection of the colors, theme, decorations, linens, flowers, and anything that has to do with the vision and aesthetics that you have for your event. Think of them as the people responsible for transforming your venue into what you’ve been dreaming of.

Are there people who do both? Absolutely. There are companies who have planners and designers as part of their staff. Do you need to hire both? Depends on your needs. If you are needing help with the logistics of your event, what you are needing is a planner. If you are looking for decorations and someone to set up and transform your venue, you are needing an event designer.

The cost to hire either set of professionals varies depending on the type of event and other multiple factors. But it is recommended that you hire an event planner as early in the game as possible because they can actually help you when it comes to finding an event designer. Many event planners and event designers have established really good working relationships and are able to give the client peace of mind.

I hope dear reader that this helps you to better understand the role that both play in the event world and that when trying to decide what you need, this will serve as a guide. From the desk of Elegant Evening Events, an event PLANNING company!

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