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Makeup and Hair: How to book them.

You have found the perfect dress. You tried 22 pairs of shoes until you found the right shade of white that matches the hint of organza peeking through the lace of your wedding dress. You are 8 months away from the big day and your wedding planner looks at you and says, “how are you going to do your hair and makeup?”

Some brides have a gazillion pictures pinned on their Pinterest’s boards. Others have no clue. But one thing is clear, we wedding planners do not recommend you doing your own hair and makeup the day of the wedding. Why? Because you deserve to be pampered on your day, a professional makeup artist will know what makeup products to use best for photography, and make sure it lasts through the day. A professional hairdresser will consider the details of your dress (if it’s a low back, a deep v front, etc.), understand the texture of your hair, and consider the potential weather and make recommendations that work.

That being said, what is the next step? If you don’t have a makeup artists or hairdresser that you know and trust, ask your wedding planner for a list of their preferred makeup artists and hairdresser vendors. They can make recommendations of professionals in the field that might work with your budget, your style, and the look you are going for.

Before booking either vendor, make sure that you ask to see their portfolios of wedding looks that they have done. Some can even provide you with videos of their work and testimonials. Make sure you share with both what your dress is, your venue, is it indoor or outdoor, the works. Once you’ve done all of that, the first thing you will book is a trial with both.

Trials are important because it lets the makeup artist and the hairdresser get to know you, your skin, your hair, and it lets you decide whether you feel comfortable with them and with their work on you. Do not book either one without a trial. During the trial, be vocal. Let them know if you like how the makeup feels, if you think the makeup isn’t glam enough, if your hair isn’t looking like you thought, etc. Afterall, it’s your day and you want to make sure you look just the way you want, and vendors can do a lot of magical things for your wedding day, but they cannot read your mind.

Make sure you allocate plenty of time for the trials, and then don’t take too long to book them. The very good ones get booked months, sometimes even a year in advanced. And remember, when in doubt, consult your wedding planner!

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